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What is Astronaut? (And what is it not?)
Astronaut is Q&A platform for fast, effective talent screening with video format, and MCQ (multiple choice question) format. Astronaut in not a Jobs board, and not ATS, but we have API that can integrate with other systems like these. Also, Astronaut is not a recruitment agency but recruitment agencies can use Astronaut.

Why video?
CVs are very ineffective for effective screening, and are often full of exaggerated or false data. This why recruiters traditionally do time consuming and slow phone screening and initial screening face-to-face interviews that have high no-show rates. With video you can see the candidate’s facial expressions, and hear the clarity of their language skills and also see what they want to say as the answer to your question. Screen the people not CVs.

Do candidates like the experience of using Astronaut? Why?
Yes. Candidate love it because it saves them so much time, and it’s easy to use. They can can answer the questions at a time suitable to their schedule, with no travelling or waiting

What if the internet connection is not very good?
With the iOS and Android mobile apps the internet is required to download the apps, and start the interview. However, if internet cuts out while the candidate is answering it won't be a problem because candidate answers are still in the mobile app and will be uploaded automatically when the candidates reconnect to the internet.
For the candidates using their desktop web browser our system checked the interview speed and stability and if problematic the candidate will be informed to use either the iOS and Android mobile apps.

Does Video interview only works on certain plan?
No. Video interview is available under any Urbanhire plan. Just make sure that you have enough Urbanhire coins.

How many Urbanhire coins needed to use this feature?
3 Urbanhire Coins is needed to send 1 video interview invitation. Coin will be charged upon video interview invitation sending.

How to Send Video Interview and Review Video Answer

Sending Video Interview
Urbanhire collaborates with Astronauts to help you in creating more efficient recruitment process through prerecorded Video interview. Our collaboration enables you can send Astronaut’s video interview question through Urbanhire platform and receive immediate feedback on Urbanhire platform too!

To start sending your Video Interview:

Select the applicant you want to send Video Interview Invitation
Select Assessment menu
Choose Video Interview
Select the Add question to library
Type in the question you want to ask including how many attempts and the time limit
Or select questions from your library
Select to edit or delete the question
Set the submission deadline
Put the invitation notes
Click Send invitation

You can also send Video Interview to multiple applicants at once by using our Bulk Action feature

Reviewing Video Interview Answer

Once your applicant submit the video interview, you will be able to see their video interview answer on their timeline. To start reviewing video interview answer:

Select the applicant you want to review and click their assessment timeline
Click the Video Interview answer you want to review
Play the video and review their answer
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