The first step in sourcing is to create a job. To start creating new job select Create New Job from your dashboard and follow the steps

The Job

Fill in all the mandatory information regarding your Job on The Job menu including job descriptions, requirements, benefits, and extra details. Mandatory fields are marked with the star icon (*)

a. Job title is the position you are looking for.
b. Department fill the field with your function; e.g Business Banking, Commercial Banking, Compliance.
c. Job code does not need to be filled
d. Monthly Salary is mandatory to be filled but you can select No to undisclosed it on your job posting
e. Job Details
Job Description complete the field with your job description for the positions. Describe the general tasks, or other related duties, and responsibilities of a position
Job Requirements complete the field with mandatory requirements for the positions. May include specific skills, types, and amounts of work experience, personal qualities, educational credentials, professional certifications, or areas of knowledge.
Benefit is any perks offered to employees in addition to salary. The most common benefits are; medical, disability, and life insurance; retirement benefits; paid time off. This field is not mandatory to be filled.
f. Experience select the experience level required for the position
g. Industry select your company industry for this field
h. Employment type select the employment type for the position
i. Function select the function type for the position
j. Education select the minimum education required for the position
k. Skills type in at least one skill required for this position. Separate with (,) or space if you require more than one skills.
l. Keywords will be used for targeting for Premium advertising, Boosted Ads and Free Advertising. Separate with (,) for keyword

m. Job duration automatically closes the job on the stated date and time when turned on
n. Exposure refers to whether or not your jobs are going out to the free job boards -- they are selected to go out by default, clicking the toggle will remove them from syndication. You can also remove your job from your careers page

Click save and continue

Application Form

You can custom your Application Form to get better information regarding your applicants' profile. From this menu, you can select either the information field is mandatory to be filled or optional or you can also turn it off if you don’t need the information

From the Application Form menu, you can ask:
Personal Information
Applicants Profile
Social Media Profile

Select the Keep this setup for my future jobs to save the template you have selected as your default.

Be mindful on selecting the information you would like to gain. For instance, if you are looking for Senior position, avoid asking Academic Transcript as they don’t always have it with them.

Pre Assessment

Urbanhire helps you in getting relevant talent. With our Pre Assessment feature, you can add unlimited questions. You can ask any question to find out more than the applicant’s personal information and whether they meet with your requirement or not.

There are 6 types of questions that you can create:
Single Answer (scoring available)
Multiple Answer (scoring available)
Short Answer
File Upload
Linear Scale

Drag and Drop your question
Select your question type
Add question
Load saved templates
Turn on to randomize the question order
Minimize your question to a one-liner
Turn on to disqualify the applicant if the applicant’s score is lower than Passing score
Set your minimum Passing Score
Score counter
Save and continue to next stage
Delete question
Copy question
Turn on if this question is mandatory to be answered
Skip the Pre Assessment stage if you don’t want to create any
Save this template to your library for future use
Preview your Pre Assessment

There is no limitation on the number of pre-assessment questions you can create. You can save your pre-assessment as a template, therefore, it will be saved to your library and you can use it any time

Hiring Stages

Custom your hiring stages for each position with this feature where you can create up to 10 stages. Later, this will be reflected on your Dashboard

Hiring Stages

Add Stage to add new hiring stage
Select Pencil icon to edit the stage name
Select Cross icon to delete the stage
Drag and drop to rearrange the stage
Hit the next button once you have done
See the result on your dashboard

Hiring Team

Urbanhire enables collaborative recruitment environment where you can review your applicants, give feedback together with your team, and monitor all recruitment activities together. From this menu, you can manage which user is assigned to the current job you are creating

Hiring Team

Select your team member who will be responsible for the position and select Add to team.
Admin will be automatically assigned to every position
You can also invite new team member by typing their email and select the send button

Administrator will be automatically assigned to the job. Member can be assigned by selecting their name or entering their email if they are not invited yet

Advertise Job

Urbanhire helps you in distributing your job to multiple channels. We have partnered with more than 20+ portals and 18 Universities

Advertise your Job

Once your job is ready, click Publish
Your job will be automatically published to our FREE JOB BOARDS. You will be able to choose which portal you want your job to be distributed to once it has been approved
If you are looking for Fresh Grads, you can opt to post your job to our University Partners

Share Job

Share your job everywhere; social media, friends, or even to your own company website!

Share Job

Download or print this QR code to help you when you are participating in Job Fair event
Embed your job at Urbanhire to your website by simply copy HTML code provided and paste it to your website. Every time you update your job at Urbanhire, your job at your company website will be updated too
Each position has its own unique link where you can share it with your friends
And each position also has a unique email to be shared.
Share your job to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

See our client’s career’s page here
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