Adding an Applicant

You can add applicant manually to process them in Urbanhire platform.
To add an applicant:

Select the position on your dashboard
Select More and choose Add Applicant
Complete all the applicant information
Upload their resume
Select whether you would like notified applicant you are currently processing them or not
Click Submit Applicant

Adding Multiple Applicants

You can also add multiple applicants at once by uploading their data with excel at once. To add multiple applicants:

Download the excel template
Fill in the applicant details
Full Name – Applicant’s full name
Gender – Applicant’s gender
Email – Applicant’s email
Phone – Applicant’s phone number
Headline – Applicant’s headline or title
Team Notes – Put any notes
Viewed Notification – Notified the applicant that you are processing their CV by typing TRUE
Upload the excel
Review before submitting
Click submit applicant after you have reviewed it

Once you have succeeded in uploading the applicant, you will see the profile in Sourced stage
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