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What is Gadjian?
Gadjian is an HR and payroll solution for lean enterprises. Gadjian is built by an experienced team that has built HRD Helper, an HR management software that since 2012 has served more than 3000 employees spread across a dozen companies in a variety of industries

What is the benefit of integrating Urbanire with Gadjian?
If you integrate your Urbanhire account with Gadjian account, you will be able to export your candidate's data from Urbanhire to Gadjian once they are hired on a single click.

Save your time and no more pain in manually inputting your candidate's data!

How to Integrate
Sign in to your Gadjian account
Generate Secret Key from the Company tab
Copy the Secret Key

Copy the Secret Key Information from your Gadjian Account

From your Urbanhire dashboard go to Setting menu
Select Integration - HR Information systems
Click Setting on Gadjian
Paste the Secret Key
Update Setting

What information will be exported?

Once you have exported hired candidate from Urbanhire to Gadjian, we will export the following information:

Personnel ID
Date of Birth
Last Education
Name of Academic Institution
Mobile Number

*Note: All of the above data is editable except Company Personnel ID.

When the export is successful, from your Gadjian platform you will be required to manually input the following:

Type of personal identification
Identification number
Candidate’s Place of birth
Taxpayer Status

Visit https://www.gadjian.com/faq for more information related to Gadjian
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