Urbanhire enables collaborative recruitment environment where you can review your applicants, give feedback together with your team, and monitor all recruitment activities together.

Before you invite your team to Urbanhire platform, it is better for you to set the role first.

Managing User Role

To set the user role:
Select Setting menu on your dashboard
Select User Role menu

User role and team member menu

You will see a default user role; Super Admin and as the first user, you will be assigned to this role automatically. From this menu, you can create a new role or invite other member and assign them to the existing role.

Default role

Create New Role

Urbanhire offers you flexibility in determining every user’s access to the platform. As Super Admin, you will be able to create various roles according to your needs. You can open all the access to your team member or limit their access. To create a new role:

Create a New Role

Select Create Role
Type in your new role name
Configure each tab settings
Job Settings - Customize Access in Job’s Section
Menu Settings - Customize Access in Settings Menu
Main Menu - Customize Access in Main Menu
Others – Customize User Access
Click Select All button to turn it on and grant all features access or you may also select individually
Once you are done, click the Update Configuration button

Assign team member

Select the user you want to assign
Click Submit once you are done

Now you are ready to invite your team!

Inviting Team Member

Once you have created all the roles, you can start inviting your team member to collaborate. To invite your team from the Team Member menu:

Invite team member

Select Invite Member
Type in your member’s email
Select the role to be assigned
Select the job status tab you want to assign
Turn on the button to select all job or you can select one by one from each position
Click Send invitation

Before your team members can join your team, they will need to accept their email invitation first

Accepting Invitation

Once you have been invited by your team. You will receive an email invitation from your team to join Urbanhire.
To start accepting the invitation:
Open your email and click email invitation from Urbanhire
Click Accept Invitation button
You will be redirected to Urbanhire sign-in account. Fill in all the required information; First Name, Last Name, and create your Password
Hit the Create an Account button

Once they have accepted your invitation, you will be able to collaborate with them.
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