Now that you have received numbers of applicants, it's time to process them.

Reviewing applicant

By clicking the number shown on each stage you can see all the applicant stored, both qualify or disqualified. From this menu, you can see details information, timeline, and you can also see the processing applicant menu

Filtering applicant

To ease you in processing a large number of applicants, you can first filter applicants based on your requirement. Set the filter in ascending order will also help you to review them better.

You can filter the applicant based on:
• Source of applicants
• Application Time
• Field of study
• Industry
• Experience
Or Sort them based on:
• Applied date
• Rate Ranking
Click the APPLY button to start applying the filter

Selecting applicant

Once you have reviewed your applicant, you may start moving them from Sourced or Applied stage to the next stage. Here’s how you can start selecting your applicant:

If you feel the applicant is not suitable, you can click the disqualify button
If the applicant is qualified, you can move them to the next stage.
If you are not sure, you can mention your team by typing “@” and select your team member name to ask for their feedback
Or if you think the candidate is suitable for another position, you can duplicate them to another position

Send email

With Urbanhire you are able to send an email directly to candidate. This will help you to keep your conversation on track. To start sending an email:

Select the Send Email menu
Select your template
Type in the Subject
You can add cc or bcc on the email communication
You can delay the email up to 3 days
Add any attachment
Click Send Email

Once the email is sent, you can see all the history on their timeline

Bulk action

We want to make your hiring process more efficient and with our Bulk action, this can save you tons of time. To start using Bulk Action:
Select the applicant that you want to process or select all by ticking the box
Select the Bulk Action menu and proceed

With the Bulk Action menu you are able to:
Qualify/Disqualify applicant
Move applicant to other hiring stages
Send Video interview
Send Psychometric assessment
Send basic assessment

Schedule interview

Now you already have selected applicants and moved them to the next hiring stage which is Interview with HR and User, you can start to invite them for interview

Select the Set Interview menu
Select the type of Interview
Set the date and time or you can also add more date and time options
Set the time zone
Select the attendees
Set the location
Add reminder
Add attachment
Add notes
Delay sending invitation
Send the invitation

You will receive a notification once the applicant has confirmed.
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