Urbanhire makes it easy for you to subscribe. You can select Virtual account or Credit cards as your payment options.

Virtual Account

To start subscribing and paying with Virtual Account:
From setting menu, select Payment and Subscription & Coins
Select the Subscription plan type, monthly or annual
You can also top up your Urbanhire Coins by dragging the bar and select Add to cart
You can see the Invoice amount to be paid and select check out to proceed or you can select remove all items from cart if you would like to change your purchase

Fill out your Billing information
Select virtual account
Once all the information is correct you can click Proceed with Purchase
You can see the detail instruction by clicking the ‘here’ button or view your invoice.

You can see when will your invoice expired. If you try to make the payment when the time is already outdated, your invoice will be expired and you need to generate new invoice number
Select the Bank
Select your payment method
Follow the payment instruction

Credit Card

To start subscribing and paying with Credit Card:
Follow the instruction and select Credit Card as the payment method
Fill in your credit card information and select Authenticate card
You will receive an OTP and click Proceed with Payment to process the payment

Once the payment is successful, your Urbanhire account will be activated automatically
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